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    So to the Foot pegs for the T7, we know there are a number of pegs that might fit the bike however personally we both like wide rally style pegs so have made these up.

    After testing yesterday afternoon I can confirm, as it does on our other bikes it gives you more leg room and makes it feel more planted when stood on the pegs on the trails.

    It also gives you more room on the clutch cover side as if you have ridden the 700 Ténéré you realise space there is limited so what you do is run your foot a little to the outside of the peg and that’s not ideal for trail use but there’s plenty of space with our pegs. The OEM springs are quite weak so we provide a stronger spring with the pegs that whilst they are a bugger to fit they are an upgrade and work really well.

    After some initial tests we found the ideal position was 35mm down and 15mm back, the pegs are £79.95 a pair with new springs they are made by us in the UK from Stainless and whilst I quite like the “raw” finish showing the welding heat marks I understand that’s not for everyone so we can offer a chemically blackened option for an additional £10

    I am still getting the website sorted but hope to have the online store ready either later today or over the weekend, will post up when it goes live 👍…GH9cgk-es&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARBtTD8y36tr3wTpFJmJDoYU0VnCbwep7kwtfn4DSw8gVn2ZyiwymHLBgS7t6y5hGYFxLEDT8XCmTgvv9JCypYm8xsnl4iom4V-deSCe906KNqmJcmxCAoKRkcqFcR8IT1bC7x7sPLnLZBbNyMXlqVE1i3WhIg3bcE1YF2WTLN9aE_4_UuilfMWphT-V8J-cnouhXUIRdXAS47nG-cZBMdW9uCFVUEVP_sGgm8JSYHgEm1o7LYqKFRM9Ibm_0mMQgVRk7L0hGQpXHsrIKwoXLRjG3QbFHj4CCY24vNlPfXCtYZyKmReiloRcdguq7YC-f_h-Gj797_ixEFDVlQzUu14

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